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  • Several discounts
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Whenever we receive a request for a quotation, we prepare a customised offer based on several aspects. When calculating a quotation or commission, we start with the basic translation prices of the two languages, modified as follows:
  • the target language of the translation
  • the type of service (plain translation, legal translation, certified translation, etc.)
  • the extent of the text
  • the nature of the text (level of difficulty, legibility, etc.)
  • the deadline
  • the format of source text submitted
  • discounts

Target language:
The target language of the translation is a factor influencing the price, depending on our available capacities at the time of the order.

Type of service
We offer translation and proofreading services of several types to clients:
  • (basic) translation (prepared by a translator)
  • legal translation (prepared by a translator + lawyer colleague)
  • official translation (with enclosure)
  • certified translation (with enclosure)
You can also request proofreading of your text, at an additional 50% of the basic translation fee. In certain cases – for instance, in the case of texts which need to be published or texts involving significant material liability – we highly recommend that our clients order proofreading in order to achieve the highest possible quality.
In the case of certified translations, the translation fee also includes proofreading, and will be indicated in our quotation.

Extent of the text
The length of the text may alter the basic price in a negative or positive direction as well.
In certain cases, with very small texts, also taking into account other aspects, we may charge a minimal fee.
With texts with large amounts of repeated material (either within the text in question, or with client’s translations we have previously worked with), we grant our clients a discount.
For other discounts which may be available to you, please ask us for a quotation!

A further factor influencing the translation fee is the deadline. In the case of assignments with a deadline shorter than a week, urgent or express translations, we add a surcharge. We determine this separately, by taking into account the type of translation or proofreading service ordered, as well as extent.
The deadline is always calculated from the day the order is submitted.

When establishing our price quotation, we also consider the format of the text to be translated. In the case of a text given to us in an editable format, the quantitative basis of the calculation of fees is the extent of the source text. In the case of materials submitted in a non-editable format (for example, written by hand), the quantitative basis is provided by the extent of the target text translated. In this latter case, we assess the expectable extent when establishing the price quotation. In the case of source texts that are hard to decipher and written by hand, we add a surcharge.
Our clients’ satisfaction is of utmost importance to us; therefore, when setting our translation fees, discount(s) may apply.

Our current discounts:

Package Discounts - legal counsel’s services + translation combined, in one place, with a discount!

In connection with its legal services, our Partner Law Office, Cocora Legal offers a different package of discounts.

In addition to the above discount(s),
we also announce occasional or periodical promotions!

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  • Favourable fees
  • Flexible deadlines
  • Several discounts
  • Lawyer to Lawyer services

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